edTonomy: A community of independent educators teaching beyond the traditional school system and collectively defining the true value of their distinct talents and skill sets. Autonomous educators guide their own teaching with informed instructional decisions that maximize learning outcomes and best meet the needs of their students. They discover greater work-life balance and professional satisfaction, all the while achieving their highest career potential. See also: freelance teaching, independent teacher, private practice teaching, private tutor, homeschool instructor, corporate trainer, education consultant

Corporate Training

A professional teacher or trainer employed by an organization on a full, part-time, or contract basis to develop, coordinate, evaluate, and implement training programs.


Any type of tool, gadget, software, app, or product designed to enhance learning or teaching.

Education Consultant

A skilled educator serving as advisor for families, learners, or institutions, providing education and training in instructional strategies, subject-matter, content development, and/or learning design.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Any software that helps an organization or academic institution design, develop, deliver, and manage learning or training programs.

Lesson vs. Session vs. Class

A lesson consists of one-on-one instruction in a specific subject or skill area, designed and led by a teaching professional.

A session consists of one-on-one support, either academic by nature or for the purpose of advising, coaching, and mentorship. A tutoring session is often different than a lesson, in that a teacher or specialist provides highly individualized attention to support or complement a learner receiving primary instruction elsewhere.

A class is designed for a group of students, rather than a one-on-one format, and can be held on a recurring or one-time basis. Led by a teacher or facilitator, classes are often pre-designed around a theme, skill, or content-area, and aimed at fostering collaborative learning among students.

Private Practice Teaching (PPT)

Highly qualified and experienced educators working outside the traditional school system by providing instruction, consulting, mentoring, or training directly to families, independent learning organizations, or business and corporate clients.

Teacherpreneur or Edupreneur [We use these terms synonymously]

An educator using their skills and expertise to monetize an education-based service or product - such as lesson plans, tutoring, professional development, or coaching - on a full or part-time basis.

Teaching Event

Any in-person or virtual event in which a teacher provides instructional services, support, or consulting to a "learner," including K-12 or adult students, parents and families, fellow teachers, and/or organizational teams.

Teaching Management System (TMS)

A software tool that provides educators with tools to manage their teaching or teaching businesses, including scheduling, registration, progress monitoring, learner and parent communication, advertising, and payments.


A certified teacher or subject-matter expert who provides periodic academic support in one-on-one or small group settings, often paid hourly rates and contracted by agencies or families to teach certain subjects or age levels.