Previously, we explored enriching your ed-biz or homeschool with Community Learning for younger learners. Today, an innovative look at integrating Community Learning into life…for teenagers and adults!

Just as you’ve stretched the boundaries of the classroom as edupreneurs/eduparents, students can propel themselves past the confines of their inner orbits, using Community Learning as a launchpad.

Community Learning catapults students into new worlds!
Community Learning serves as a crucible for life. High school students’ growing maturity levels, blossoming interests (and driving abilities!) blast their horizon doors wide open! 

Encourage your learners to seek out wide-ranging extracurricular pursuits. Internships, tutoring, leadership organizations, debate or speech clubs, volunteering and hobbies…all present outstanding opportunities for community engagement. It’s okay – and even desirable – for teens to periodically mix and shake up these activities. 

Learners can stir up unique combinations of activities to suit their interests.

“That sounds good…but what might that actually look like for my teen learners?”

Mind-Broadening Community Learning Options

If working to earn money excites a student, she can try on career hats by contacting local businesses to inquire about part time work or apprenticeships. 
A learner interested in education could design and teach his own Community Learning homeschool class, featuring his favorite hobby. 
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An artistically-inclined student may be fired up about starting her own business, producing and selling her artwork at summer festivals.
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A teen learner who is curious about a nursing career might enjoy working with seniors at a retirement home.
If a student intends to pursue a STEM career, she can volunteer as a math or computer lab tutor at a local community center/library. 
This new season of life… as an edu-preneur – or edu-parent of teenagers…can also be the time for you to contemplate how to weave Community Learning into your own life. 
What dormant dreams might you want to chase?
Rediscover dreams and determination!

As you support older students’ Community Learning enterprises, consider these basic guidelines.

Community Learning doesn’t have to be complicated or grandiose. If learners seem reluctant, brainstorm simple activities with small time commitments.
With older students, parental/teacher modeling and experience-sharing is key. Even though high school students may possess the independent skills and means to access and do activities without supervision doesn’t mean that you can’t come alongside them at the start. 
Buoy learners’ confidence levels by demonstrating faith in their abilities to do hard things. The high school years are all about coaching, in every aspect of life. Encourage, but don’t cajole or force.
Believe your students can do amazing things!
Expect and encourage teens to try out many different endeavors. If needed, chat about striking a balance between flightiness and rigid commitment. Somewhere in the middle is a good sweet spot.

Poised on the threshold of adulthood, many high school learners hold both the competencies and means to independently seek out a host of Community Learning ventures. Because they are still learning and may be self-conscious in new situations, a majority of students will benefit from your past experience, non-nagging nudging and heartfelt cheerleading.

That’s why it’s called “growing up.” It’s an ongoing process, not an end state.

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