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Breaking Down Barriers: Why Edupreneurs Need Each Other

In this new and wide, wide world of nontraditional education, where knowledge is power and innovation rules, we edupreneurs step up as the real trailblazers. We're not just teachers; we're architects of change, reshaping how our communities learn and grow. But in our mission to shake things up, we face a common challenge: figuring out the value of the services we offer.

While it might be tempting to get into a price war with the teacherpreneur down the street, we've got to proceed with caution. Racing to the bottom of the pricing scale to earn a sale or enroll a new student can mess with the balance of an already fragile edu-ecosystem–and diluting the market by pricing your products and services at an unreasonably low price-point can make us all seem less valuable.

Instead, it's about time (it's been time) we come together – a village of edupreneurs – to share our stories, our challenges, and YES! our rates and prices.

so can we all agree that pricing tug'o'war isn't a game we play here, on this field?

Speaking transparently about our price points and selling strategies allows us to come together to define the true worth of our collective value. By teaming up instead of competing, we can lift the whole industry, boost each other up, and bring a higher quality of education to everyone.

So, here's the process:

  1. We break down some seriously obstructive barriers (more about those above ^ and later👇🏼).
  2. We stand together as edupreneurs.
  3. We declare for all the world to hear (not literally - I'm embarrassed even writing this - but figuratively, in joining forces, we 'declare'): We're carving out a new future for education! and it's lit by the shared brilliance of those who dare to make a difference! (And that's US!)
  4. We educate, innovate, and elevate together – one learner, one family, one community at a time.

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Connect with edupreneurs, share your experiences, and embark on a collaborative journey that propels your education business forward.

It Takes a Village to Build an [EDU] Business

Ever heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well, it takes a community of edupreneurs to thrive in the blooming and booming, throw-convention-to-the-wind, edupreneur business.

For us, mentorship and networking are our dynamic duo for success. Connecting with seasoned edupreneurs who've been there, done that, can fast-track even the steepest learning curve. It's like having a cheat code to navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories. Together, we create a supportive ecosystem where every edupreneur has a shot at success.

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Find Your Village, Join the edCollective

What's being an edCollective Member all about?

Here's the SparkNotes version: As an edCollective Community Member, you'll have access to round tables, discussion forums, webinars, edupreneur courses, and coaching. It's about edupreneurs supporting edupreneurs, uplifting each other as we shape the future of education.

Community Over Competition: Building an Edupreneur Network

Building a successful business as an edupreneur is not about throwing shade at your teacherpreneur arch-nemesis, or playing a zero-sum game. There's enough room at the table for all of us.

networking for teacherpreneurs

Because when we collaborate, share insights, and celebrate each other's wins, we foster an environment where everyone can flourish.

Here's how you can start building your edupreneur network today:

  1. LinkedIn for Edupreneurs: LinkedIn is not just for corporate professionals; it's a goldmine for educators and edupreneurs too! Join groups like Edupreneurs Worldwide or Education Entrepreneurs Network connect with like-minded educators who share your passion for building sustainable education communities that go against the grain. This is one great way to share your uniquely edupreneur experiences, ask questions, and build meaningful relationships. And hey, if you're not already on LinkedIn, now's the time to create that profile.
  2. Twitter Chats: Dive into the world of education Twitter chats--there's room for all edupreneurs to participate in weekly discussions like #EdChat, #EduGladiators, or #EdTechChat. Engage with fellow edupreneurs, exchange ideas, and discover new perspectives. Twitter chats are not just about sharing; they're about building a community that supports and uplifts each other, just like the one we edupreneurs so desperately need. Needed* Been Needing* Like, yesterday.
  3. Education Entrepreneur Conferences: Attend conferences specifically designed for education entrepreneurs and innovators. Events like SXSW EDU provide incredible opportunities to network with fellow edupreneurs, attend workshops, and gain insights from industry leaders. P.S. Keep an eye out for virtual options if attending in person is a challenge!
  4. Join a Community Made for Edupreneurs: [Incoming Plug in 3, 2, 1...] Elevate your networking with the edCollective Community Membership--you'll have unlimited access to our edupreneur round tables, discussion forums, webinars, courses, and coaching designed for innovative educators just like you. This community is not just about support; it's about forging collaborations that can shape the future of education. Sign up for the waitlist to be notified when the edCollective membership community goes LIVE!👇🏼 
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Here's the Moral of the Story

We are edupreneurs, and--newsflash for the creepyish old dude (probably) clad in a pinstripe suit jacket that should've been retired in 1999, Investment Chair for Some Bank--YES, we exist.

And just in case there was any doubt, here's Exibit A:

edupreneurs driving a new nontraditional education industry
Exhibit A: An Edupreneur, in the Flesh

So, here we are edupreneurs; while there's no doubting we exist, there is a real caveat: We're all types of spread out. Like little islands across a sea.

We're one-teacher-bands, sprinkled throughout the nation...

across subject areas and grade-levels,

across products and services,

across the Zoomsphere,

from TPT to Outschool,

from a single-room school-house converted from a storage shed...

and across the globe.

And, you know the saying, There's power in numbers ?

Well there's no denying that's true, either.

That's why we created a community to gather together, around a single table.

A community for US--the edupreneurs, the tutors, the specialists, the professional practitioners...

the pioneers of nontraditional teaching and learning.

Got a story to tell? We're seeking podcast guests for The Teachers' Lounge, and would love to share your story with our community!

the teachers' lounge podcast for edupreneurs

Submit your story idea below! No gimmicks, no need to be all Fancy Nancy, just send us the brief on you: Your teaching/business/edupreneur journey and anything that helps us get to know you--like the real, no makeup, pre-coffee you.

Love that look for you. Keep rockin' it. 

Tired of feeling like there's no place for edupreneurs?

Well, we made a place--and, yes, you CAN sit with us. 💪🏽

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