Need a boost along the proverbial edu-way? Today, we set aside practical nitty-gritties of managing your ed-biz or homeschool and wax philosophical. Brew a cup of tea, curl up in a favorite chair and ponder five hindsight-driven maxims.

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#1. Academic – and character education – take time. Gobs of it.

Learning “all day” is an exciting goal, not a horror to be avoided. Children should be engaged in learning of all kinds, all day long!

At its best, learning occurs continually. Ideally, it is not something students do for a specific period of time in a specific place and then stick it in a box for the rest of the day. 

Glimmers of Hope: When you receive compliments related to your learners’ wonderful behavior, you are on the right track. Take a deep breath. Say thank you. Be encouraged by character compliments (even if your students sometimes act like terrors for you).

#2. Prepare your learners for more potential future options rather than fewer.

If they choose a path that requires less preparation, you’ve covered the bases and enriched their learning foundation. Better that scenario than under-preparation and realizing your students don’t have the prerequisites they need to march through the doors of their desires. 

Wow! So many choices!

But…don’t stress on those occasional days when life happens and academic learning takes a back seat. Look for unanticipated life lessons in unexpected circumstances. They are there. Catch up on academics tomorrow. 

#3. Embrace and accept each season.

Your learners will indeed grow up. The season highlighting your hobbies and activities will indeed arrive. For now, focus lots of energy on your students’ academic and holistic development. Children take time. Gobs of it. It bears repeating. 😊

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#4. Exercise adversity muscle.

Life is about 50% great…and 50% not so great…for everyone. Big and small things often do not “go our way.” Life deals out countless challenges – universally, cross-culturally and across socioeconomic boundaries. Recognize, accept and practice strength in overcoming adversity. Encourage your learners to do the same.

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Adversity builds the bridge toward personal and character growth. Physical exercise strengthens our bodies; adversity exercise grows mental muscle and emotional fortitude over time.
#5. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Children don’t arrive in the world factory-equipped with the need for continual excitement and novelty.

Unless you plant seeds of high entertainment expectations, it actually requires very little to amuse learners. If you have memberships to museums, aquariums, zoos and theme parks…take a break by choosing one per year. Let the rest of the memberships expire.

Give your students the gift of fewer choices. Teach them to be content exploring nature. They can live and thrive without the latest video games.  

Focus on one special place or spend fun time exploring area green spaces, parks and biking or hiking trails. Your wallet will thank you. And your lives will be more calm, peaceful and imaginative.

Most – if not all – of these insights are not ground-breaking news. As educators, you likely have explored similar reflections. Over the years, I’ve found value in revisiting philosophical or educational truisms. It’s refreshing. Enjoy the rest of your tea and share your uplifting ideas with a friend or student.

Pass along your wisdom. 

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