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The Sweet Tech Tool: The edTonomy app streamlines onboarding new students and families, making registration for your tutoring business, microschool, or private teaching practice a breeze. Check out the How-To Guidde below to see it in action.

Community Voting is Live for SXSW EDU 2024: We Hope You'll See Us There

...and by that we mean: Make our dreams come true & vote for the edTeam! Please with a cherry on top :)

What is SXSW EDU? Only the most iconic event where the most innovative minds in ed gather together to...basically, nerd out. And learn. And collaborate. And find renewed hope in knowing their lifework can make real change.

What is PanelPicker? Well, we'll C+P straight from the source: "PanelPicker is a session proposal platform that gives the SXSW community a significant voice in programming conference activities (presentations, panels, discussions, demonstrations, etc.) for the SXSW Conference and SXSW EDU. Prospective speakers submit their session ideas to PanelPicker, then the community, SXSW Advisory Board and SXSW staff choose the best proposals."

Got 2 minutes? Check out edTonomy's pitch video below!

A Community of 1: Pushing Beyond Politics for School Choice

Description: Join us for a timely and thought-provoking conversation about taking school choice beyond political party lines and putting it in the hands and hearts of communities. We'll dive into how education pioneers are leading community education efforts to ensure equitable access to nontraditional education, while working with families to design solutions to systemic issues affecting learners with diverse needs. You’ll leave inspired by the kind of heart-centered, permissionless teaching transcending polarizing discourse to build resilient learning communities that endure long after the bell rings.

Casting Your Vote for the SXSW EDU PanelPicker

*The deadline to vote is Sunday, August 20!

  1. Create a PanelPicker account
  2. Head to edTonomy's PanelPicker page on the SXSW website
  3. "Vote Up" edTonomy's session idea (votes will be kept private)
  4. Feel free to comment if your heart desires :)
  5. That's it! You're vote is in!

Hayyy Fellow Promo Code Teachers

Trust the edTeam to serve you All Things Code

For literacy specialists, reading tutors, and teachers who homeschool, Child Publications is offering 20% off the whole-dang-site with promo code BTS2023

That's B-T-S-2-0-2-3

Write that down and pass it to the teachers in the back.

Our Rec: Their SNAP sight word cards are ideal for neurodivergent learners, students with dyslexia, and learners who thrive when activities, resources, and materials engage their kinesthetic and visual learning modalities. Child Publications is a trusted resource for educators, and this discount is a great opportunity for edupreneurs and tutoring businesses who want to stock up on materials for the upcoming school year, while sticking to a tight budget.

Question of the Week: What jobs are good for teachers leaving the profession?

I already forget the question, but here's what I'll tell you: The answer is NO! You don't have to abandon teaching and education altogether. And if wrapping your head around all that feels like a lot to take in, or you're just genuinely interested in learning more about nontraditional approaches to teaching and learning, we've got a webinar for that.

Exploring Your Options: Nontraditional Approaches to Teaching and Learning

This webinar provides valuable insights into what jobs are good for teachers leaving the profession and offers suggestions for new and exciting career paths. Plus, we share some important considerations to mull over before making the transition beyond the classroom.

Webinar Replay "Nontraditional Approaches to Teaching and Learning"

Promo! Get Your Free Promo!

We're on a mission to empower education entrepreneurs, and one of the ways we're hitting that goal? Giving them their spot to shine.

What is the edUpreneur Directory? A searchable directory for education entrepreneurs to gain exposure and digital credibility, while becoming part of a vibrant community dedicated to nontraditional education. Think of it as your chance to reach out to families and learners locally or worldwide!

We’re on the verge of launching the edupreneur Directory and The Village, a member community for education entrepreneurs, tutors, and microschools - and we want to showcase and promote YOUR unique talents and services alongside other passionate educators who are revolutionizing teaching and learning.

We're not about diluting your services and driving your prices down, like a marketplace might, but rather highlighting innovative educators and ed-businesses across the country and serving as the go-to resource for anyone searching for non-traditional teaching services, ed-solutions, and learning communities.

That's why we created edTonomy's edUpreneur Directory >> Time to Shine, Love

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