May 19, 2023

Every language has a word or two that can chameleon–one that fits seamlessly into too many sentences and works without reason across contexts.

In Spanish, ya is one of them.

Say it like YA! and you’re likely fed up with your toddler’s relentless cookiecookiecookiecookiecookie plea as you walk by the sweet-smelling bakery at BJ’s.

Say it in soothing tones—yaaa—after that same toddler just haphazardly backflipped off the sofa and bumped her head, and you’re offering a consoling, “Shhh..don’t cry, it’s okay, Mama’s here.”

Now, say it with a tinge of hopeless exasperation–Ya?!--as that same toddler shuffles lethargically down the hallway, blankie and quackquack in hand, after napping for approximately nine minutes, then what you’re really saying is: That’s it?! That’s the extent of your nap today?!

But when we say, “Start Your Teaching Business, Ya!” we’re really pulling a Nike...

Photo by Peter Aroner / Unsplash

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

What should we do with all the What Ifs?

Okay--we know starting a teaching business, whether part-time or to replace your full-time teaching position, is not as easy as "just doing it." In fact, we know firsthand the hesitation and what ifs? that can accompany the idea of starting your own teaching or tutoring business. Taking a leap of faith and putting yourself out there may feel daunting, but we’ve seen the rewards far outweigh the risks. Staying in the same place and clinging to the familiar may feel safe, but it can also trap you in a cycle of complacency. We encourage you to step outside of your familiar to embrace the unknown--it's in the face of uncertainty that we grow and thrive.

Need a little encouragement? This pep-talk by Steve Harvey gives us goosies.

Three Famous Examples of Risk-Takers Who Began as Teachers

1) J.K. Rowling

Photography Debra Hurford Brown © J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is a perfect example of someone who started their career as a teacher before exploring new paths. Before she enchanted the world with her Harry Potter series, Rowling was an English teacher in Portugal. Even though she had a passion for storytelling and writing, it was during her teaching career that she began to develop her ideas for the magical wizarding world that would later capture the hearts of millions. She took a great risk and left her teaching job to pursue her writing dream. Although she faced many rejections from publishers, Rowling persisted and eventually achieved success, becoming one of the most renowned authors of our time. Rowling's journey from teaching to literary sensation serves as a reminder that sometimes leaving what's familiar and taking a chance can lead to extraordinary achievements.

2) Sylvia Acevedo

Image Courtesy of American Libraries

Sylvia Acevedo is a notable example of an innovator who transitioned from teaching to pursuing her dreams. Starting as a math teacher, she later made significant contributions in technology and space exploration, including roles at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and IBM. As CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, she focused on empowering girls in STEM fields, inspiring them to reach new heights. Acevedo's journey showcases the transformative power of following one's passion and making a meaningful impact beyond the classroom.

3) Sir Ken Robinson

Image Courtesy of PBS

Sir Ken Robinson, a renowned innovator, transitioned from teaching to pursue his dreams of advocating for creativity in education. Recognizing the stifling effects of traditional educational systems on students' individuality and imagination, he left his teaching career to champion a more holistic approach. Through TED Talks, books, and influential presentations, he became a global voice for educational reform, urging policymakers and educators to prioritize creativity and nurture each person's unique talents. Robinson's inspiring journey highlights the potential impact of stepping away from the classroom to bring about positive change and encourages us to challenge norms and follow our passions to shape a brighter future.

Let these stories inspire you to trust your instincts, embrace your ideas, and overcome doubt with unwavering determination. And remember, the greatest achievements often require us to step outside our comfort zones and take that first leap of faith.

So, my fellow teachers, if you’re feeling it's time for a change, but don't know where to begin or how to launch an independent teaching business, I hope you will believe in yourself deeply, and know you possess a wealth of knowledge and skills that are invaluable–within or beyond the classroom.

The world needs your unique talents. Trust in yourself, and the possibilities that await you will be limitless.

Wishing you all the success and fulfillment your hearts desire.

Lexa & the edTeam

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